Wordpress 2013 Event Registration Plugins

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In Search Of Multilingual Event Management with PayPal

We needed to find an event plugin that allowed the ability to do bilingual, registration for events, and do PayPal payments.  Here is what we found for the plugins.   All Event plugins were tested with the qTranslate Plugin, which works as a separate plugin for the whole site.


Domain Registration: own Your Domain name.

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Domain Registration

Domain Registration is simply paying so you "own" your own domain name.

Registration is a commodity, it should be inexpensive, and there are lots of places that do it well.

At the end of the day, one registrar is usually not much different than the next in that your domain is alive. You will find prices and features vary quite a bit between registrars, though.

Recent trend: authenticated spam

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Lately we've seen a lot of spam being sent by compromised mail accounts. The spammers either guess a password or trick a person into providing their password, then use that to send out spam.

What Happens?

When this happens with your account, we end up locking it. The server itself may temporarily have it's reputation lowered, and mail is blocked by many networks. Occasionally the server may even end up on blacklist.