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This section explains the settings and features of the E-mail system.

Still using an old AOL e-mail address?


You can setup e-mail accounts on your domain, and access your e-mail in three ways: POP3, IMAP or Webmail.

Create Your Mailboxes

To create or manage your E-mail accounts on the server:

  1. Access the Web-Hosting Control Panel at htttp://
  2. Login with your admin account
  3. Click on your domain's tab
  4. Click "Mailboxes"
  5. Click an existing mailbox name or enter settings for a new one
  6. Click Save (green plus sign)

Incoming Mail Settings

Typically you will access your email via IMAP, so you have access to your SPAM folder. POP3 is also available, as is Roundcube Webmail.

IMAP Multiple folders on the server
Port 143 or 993
Encryption TLS (STARTTLS) on port 143,
SSL on port 993
POP3 Supports a single INBOX folder
Port 110 or 995
Encryption TLS (STLS) on port 110,
SSL on port 995

Outgoing Mail Settings

You usually send e-mail through the webhosting server, and you must enable authentication with the server when sending mail.

Port 587
Encryption TLS (STARTTLS)
Authentication Required
(eg. "Server Requires Authentication" checkbox)


You can access your mail using the Roundcube webmail interface, just access in a browser and it will redirect you to the login page.


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